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Photography 50 Monuments of Amsterdam For ''Patrimonia Amsterdam''

It is a bit late for this blog post because I have done this job on June 2017. However, I am a bit lazy and slow, but it is always nice to share experiments.

Patrimonia Amsterdam asked me to make photos for 50 selected monuments for their unique board game (many people say Monopoly of Amsterdam) in mid of May. It was very nice to meet Otto and Esther who are great creators and smart people but as usually in our business they have a short deadline. The expectation was to get a result as similar to the style of my fine Art photography.

By the way, I have to confess that this is one of the jobs what a professional photographer wants!

Paradiso Amsterdam

Oude Kerk Amsterdam

I had to finish 50 of the most important monuments of Amsterdam around a month. The weather conditions are not photography friendly during May and June in Amsterdam. We need more rain hereabouts to fill the canals as you know. Also this time of year there is a crazy amount of tourists in Amsterdam and they have to make selfies in front of this monuments.

But of course, these are easy struggles for a photographer and you can easily find a dry day and wake up a bit earlier than the tourists to take the best shots.

​How about never-ending constructions and restorations? That costs you enormous time on Photoshop.

Okay, this is the job we have chosen and we have passion and love. There are no complains!

The story ends with a happy end, I did all the pictures on time and everybody was happy. There was a great presentation in The National Maritime Museum (Het Scheepvaartmuseum) in September and I was very happy to meet and work with such great people.

Thanks again Patrimonia Amsterdam! And Special Thanks goes to Nynke van Der Berg!

Are you mad about Amsterdam? Or do you just enjoy a good board game? Then Patrimonia is the game for you. Throughout the game you will learn things about this lovely city and its beautiful buildings.

Otto, John, Esther and Nienke
Patrimonia game on the shells

Patrimonia is a game for all walks of life. As in the real Amsterdam trading is allowed at any time, and with anyone whilst one minute later you may be blocking your opponents with canal blockers. The pawns are made from plastic waste fished out of the Amsterdam Canals. Production and packaging are done locally. Our printer is the most sustainable in the world.

A slideshow video

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