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A few words After IBC 2015 about new digital film making age.

Focus on production of TV commercials, Promo video, online-promotiefilms, 3D LOGO Animation and Professional Photography.

As you well know, Digital media is a hard core fact and here to stay.

When '' RED" company announced their first RED camera ( ''RED ONE'' ,Based on the RAW file capture of digital SLRs, the RED team engineered a camera capable of recording RAW, 4K images at up to 30 frames per second. Digital cinema, on a modern scale, was born.) at IBC 2007, I was there and I realized that ' this is the end of analog film making'.

Now, after 8 years later, there is no more doubt that the age of the digital filmmaking has began already. From small budget online production like any kind of promo videosto blockbusters Hollywood productions all go to digital. There is no more analog equipments or materials on the stands anymore. The transition has been completed.

Now, we are all as film/video makers ( in reality, since there is no more film material, we all are video makers) and photographers are happy to adjust to this new digital life which is easier and relatively affordable for everyone.

This is also good news for our clients who wants to have trendy and fancy TV commercials, online promotion films( promo video), 3d animations, introduction videos, professional photographs etc. for their promotional purposes. This is quite important especially in economic crisis time like now to make new clients and boost their sales.

3D animation sample

Why is this good news? Simple answer would be all video making budgets are dramatically down.

Just ten years ago, for a simple promo video or low budget TV commercial, we had to work with huge group of people as crew.

We had to go different studios

for rental, post production, 3d animation or motion graphics and sound. Now, in digital times, we can make beautiful promos or commercials in our small studio in 4K or Full HD broadcasting standards with Hi-end quality, affordable, attractive motion graphics and 3D or 2D animations.

Budgets are down as much as 10:1 comparing with just 5 years ago.

For instance; we can make in ''Magic Eye Studio Amsterdam'', 10 sec. Full HD promo video (3d animation & motion graphics with additional filming if necessary) in TV commercials quality standards approximately as small budget as €550 including tax, all-in one.

Wow. Isn't this crazy?

Hotel Photography

In professional photography, the changes are as dramatic as film making. All film materials, aboratories, extra lighting and extra crews cost can completely be covered within budget now.

Such as all in Hotel, Restaurants and Cafe ( HORECA) photography which require both interior and exteriorshots, we are getting amazing results with our new, low-light capable digital cameras and razor sharp lenses. Digital post processing make the results of horeca photographs shiny and beautiful for our clients in their online or print usage.

HORECA, Restaurant and Cafes Photography by Kaan Sensoy

Thanks for hi-dynamic range (HDR) images we can work in very low, natural light conditions and we can get every details back perfectly on post. Another wonderful advantage of new strong post software is its compositing power.

Fine Art Photography by Kaan Sensoy

No we can take several shots even from interior rooms like small hotel rooms and we can composite them on post. And then our small hotel owners can promote every corner of their small hotel rooms. This new techniques also have a lot of advantages for architectural photography.

Real estate companies now asking us impossible shots after they see the capability of our new digital cameras and post processing opportunities.

And guess what, cost to the customer for all this amazing photography work is under €100,- each. Of course all prizes are all in 1.

Hotel Photography by Kaan Sensoy

After IBC 2015 in Amsterdam, I can say that everybody can get first quality, Hi-end promotional films (promo video), corporate films, TV commercials, 3D animations and motion graphics, etc. or any kind of professional photographs within their budget.

Both new starters who have limited budgets but in need of promoting their new business orold and strong companies who wants to boost their sales can get best quality promos in these affordable costs for online promotion.

Amsterdam, photo by Kaan Sensoy

Full HD is broadcasting standard now. 4K is ready. 8K is on the way. HDR TV's new consumer target of the giant companies. IP TV's and Smart TV's are today's most popular options. We have every chance to choose what we would like to watch.

Online promotion get reaction. People watch YouTube on smart devices all day. Now time for YouTube commercials and online promo videos.

I think it is time to say Rest-in-peace to traditional TV. People are online now.

For More go to my pro site

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