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Kaan Şensoy Photobook Series-I

Amsterdam Photo Guidebook

For Lovers of Amsterdam and Photography

Amsterdam Photo Guidebook by Kaan Sensoy. Unique Photo-Guide book of Amsterdam. Must-see palces, canals, monuments, landmarks, architectural and events in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Front Cover

Find out exactly where and how to snap the best shots of Amsterdam



Must-see places, monuments, and landmarks, and the best architectural and cultural spots of Amsterdam



Get inspired by these beautiful images for your own photo trip to Amsterdam


Hot spots

Find out where to position yourself to capture the best photo spots in Amsterdam



Compare photos taken using different setups, from large-format analogue cameras and vintage lenses to the most popular digital cameras and modern lenses


“Shoot your best-ever photos of Amsterdam”

The photographs in this book were taken over a period of about seven years with different camera formats and lenses, and are presented in a guidebook design.

Amsterdam is generally divided into five main regions, although you may come across different descriptions of the divisions. The Centrum (city centre) stretches from the first residential areas of the city to the canals, then there are the North, South, East and West districts. I have organized this book by region, with an additional chapter called ‘Nearby’, for areas and sights near Amsterdam that can be accessed in a day trip.

The districts within each region appear at the top of each page, on the upper left of the relevant photo. The photographs are labelled as ‘Places to see’, ‘Monuments’, ‘Architectural Interest’ or ‘Events’.

You’ll find more detailed information below each photo: the subject or place in the image, where the photo was taken from (my ‘hot spot’), detailed camera information, and the date the photo was taken.

Below this information, you will find details of the camera and lens used for each photo, exposure settings, the brand of negative or positive film (if applicable) and more.

Photography enthusiasts can use this data to compare the results of different combinations of formats, cameras and lenses, and to join the popular debate about analogue versus digital for printed images.


In English

270 pages - Size 8×10 in, 20×25 cm

Available in both Softcover(Paperback) and Hardcovers

Ordering Information:

Quantity sales. Special discounts are available on quantity purchases by corporations, associations, and others. For details, contact the publisher at the address below.

​First paperback edition April 2021

Published by Magic Eye Studio Amsterdam

Magic Eye Studio Amsterdam

De Lauriergracht 166-T

1016RR Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Copyright © 2021 by Magic Eye Studio Amsterdam

Amsterdam Photo Guidebook, unique photo and guide book by Kaan Sensoy. Discovery, Inspiration, Hot Spots with great photos.
Back Cover

​First paperback edition April 2021

Editor – Deborah Emmitt

​Book design by Kaan Sensoy

All photos copyright © 2021 by Kaan Sensoy

​Printed in the Netherlands

​Publisher’s Cataloguing-in-Publication data

The Kaan Sensoy Photobook Series – I

ISBN 978-90-9034601-4 (paperback)


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Paperback & Hardcover

Special Edition (HQ Photopaper)

Special Edition (HQ Photopaper)

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