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Kaan Sensoy

Director, Photographer, & CGI Artist

Lives & works in Amsterdam, NL

Kaan Sensoy was born in the past century the year of the first man on the Moon. He started photography on analog times when he was 13 and he enjoyed working in dark rooms before he studied Photography and Cinema at the Fine art school. He worked ten years as an AD, editor, photographer, and director in the advertising industry before he moved to Amsterdam in the new millennium. He continued his career in this new country as a director, CGI artist, and photographer. He also gave many workshops to Amsterdam youngsters about visual arts and made more than hundreds of TV programs with them for Dutch television stations. He recently focused on Architectural and Fine Art photography and he is also busy with some photography books.

He received numbers of awards for his visual works and scripts. There were plenty of different platforms in his works featured and he also attempted solo and group photography exhibitions. And this story continues today with the same unrest creativity research. He lives and works in Amsterdam.


Grants & Features & Awards 

  • 2020 Photo Award from LoosenArt with Cubic Photos series

  • 2013 Showcase Feature at "Adobe Behance"

  • 2012 Showcase Feature at "Adobe Behance"

  • 2006 The Grand Jury Prize in 2nd Akbank International FF.

  • 2005 Jury Member at 2nd. INT.Golden Orange SFF Antalya, TR

  • 1999 The Jury Special Prize in 2nd Antalya International FF.

  • 1997 The Third Prize in 16th IFSAK ShortCont.

  • 1995 The Second Prize in 7th Izmir FF

  • 1995 Jury Special Prize in 7th Adana Golden Cocoon Festival

  • 1994 The Best Film at the short film in Orhan M. Ariburnu Contest.

  • 1994 The Best Film 15th IFSAK Short Film Contest.

  • 1993 The Grand Jury Prize in 7th.Adana Golden Cocoon FF

  • 1992 The Second Prize in 1st.Antalya Int. GoldenOrangeShort FF

  •  Transitions and Displacements International group exhibition curated by LoosenArt. 

8th May / 4th June 2020 in Rome, Italy.


  • NDSM-FUSE Amsterdam Group exhibition at NDSM,

26 October 2019 till 03 November 2019 Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

01 August 2016 till 31Junary 2017. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Short Films

  • April Fool - 2006

  • Taxi Driver XL - 2004

  • Sea Horse  - 1995

  • The Sweet Waters Valley- 1994

  • Illusion - 1993

  • Agua - 1992

  • The lock - 1991

Commercial & Fine Art

Photography, Videography & CGI

from Amsterdam 

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