shot references mood board for Hyatt Regency Amsterdam hotel & Mama Makan restaurant

On this page, You can see some references photos, and motions as well as a short shooting list of samples. Equipment, editing & delivery details, and my offer have been added to the end of the board.

Photos for Hotel


lobby, receptions and facilities

atmosphere & details


Motions for Hotel & Mama Makan


Cinemagraphs are a great addition to any shoot and are highly effective when you want to add some movement to images. They work best when the scene is styled and when one or two aspects are moving that can also be looped. They are highly effective on social media a especially on Instagram.

timelapses & hyperlapses

Photos for Mama Makan


  • As you can see easily, I have added different styles of reference stills and motions. These may give you some idea of what style you like or prefer. 

  • I work for around one hour in hotel rooms for 3-4 photos including one bathroom photo if the room conditions are perfect as the bed flat and no wrinkles, the pillows also look good enough, the curtains are also flat, etc...


This can change depends how many shots are asked for in one room and also how much extra work is needed such as decoration purposes.

  • Facility shots, like lobby, meeting rooms, receptions, swimming pool, etc. take around two hours for 1-2 photos per location.

  • Food photography photos take around half an hour per dish.


Mostly, I prepare a set-up table on a dead corner of the restaurant and the cook sends every desired dish to photograph by line. So, these setup photos look the same style as menu photos. Every different set-up needs to spend extra few hours to prepare.

  • Hotel management arranges the models, reception concierge, housekeeping, chefs, cooks, bartenders, etc. If you would like to see people in the pictures in any location. 

We can prepare a schedule according to our shooting list then it would be easy to photograph any person at any location.

Photos with people may take 30 min. per shot.

  • I work a maximum of eight hours per day, including my breaks.

These working hours can be any time of the day or night according to our shooting plan. Facilities are mostly available and/or suitable mostly at night time. Some of it is only a certain time of the day like breakfast.


On some productions, I stay in the hotel to complete the all necessary shots regards different time periods. 

  • Preparing and filming one cinemagraph takes around 45 min. and mostly I need a person on the shot as a bartender or chef, etc.

  • Preparing and filming per timelapse or hyperlapse takes around 1-2 hours.

  • Precision and detail are most important in this level of production. So prefer to be slow and a perfectionist rather than rush a deliver images like others.


  • I bring all the necessary equipment with me and I don't ask for any extras at the hotel but some additional decoration articles.

  • I use mostly my medium format Hasselblad camera which is known as the best to bring superior image quality and realistic color tonality.

  • Also, I bring the location my own lighting equipment. 

editing and delivery

  •  In image editing, my main focuses are a natural - clean look and perfection in any aspect.

  • I send an online and interactive link to the client that contains all pre-selected photos following the basic editing finish. Then the client makes their selection to buy any photos from this gallery. The client may ask one time free of charge for changes to any of these selected photos.

  • I deliver photos to the client, clean from any unwanted spots and details, color correct, and in a unity where each frame is in harmony with the other.

  • I deliver photos in any desired format as in high res jpeg ready to use as well as uncompressed print quality large size TIFF or any other format you wish without any extra cost.

  • Receiving time to the selection gallery is 7-10 working days for up to 40 photos

  • You can add 1 extra day to the receiving time above for every 3 cinemagraphs or 2 timelapse films.

  • I give all global use copyrights to my client as my humble present. So you don't pay any extras for copyrighting anywhere and anytime!

the offer

  • My daily rate for hospitality photography - is

€449,- for the first day and €249,- every other day.

  • Every photo you would like to buy is


  • Every cinemagraphs you would like to buy is


  • Every timelapse or hyperlapse you would like to buy is


  • Extra re-touching or editing is (the first one is free)


  • BTW excl.

  • There will be no other additional cost to pay

In addition to these

I will give you %10  discount on the total amount for sake of our first business.

  • You can make the payment up to ten days after receiving the all images via Wetransfer.