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From the collection ' The Light above Amsterdam'. This collection has been made for the exhibition at The Grand Amsterdam.

What makes this area unique is not just the beautiful architecture and canals,
but the tiny alleys, gardens and stories hidden behind the historic facades of the houses.
Canal houses offer a perfect vantage point to view the bustling canal area, where bicyclists,
boats and tourists zip past. Many of Amsterdam’s canal houses were built during the height of the Dutch Golden Age,
serving as home and workplace, and were distinguished by the striking gables and dual entrances.
This photo was taken in the winter and made from three pictures as a panorama.

The Light above Amsterdam Houses


    Limited edition, numbered.


    Full size 7307 X 4877 pixel

    'Uncompressed' TIFF format and  Full size JPEG for direct use.


    You can use this photograph on your website, on your social media accounts, on your newsletters, your print publications (please mention my name).

    You can also take this uncompressed file to your print shop and you can order huge size prints.



  • Please order multi copies for multi purposes


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